How the crazy idea became reality

This blog post details Marco’s journey to obtaining a PADI Open Water Diver certification at Octopus Dive School in Denia, highlighting the engaging practical sessions, expert guidance from instructor Patrick, and the overall enriching experience of learning to dive.


The genesis – or how it all began

How do you actually come up with the idea of setting up a co-living / co-working space in Spain? In the fall of 2023, I gave a short presentation about how the idea came about, how we found the location and the building and what the first year was like for us.

The presentation was presented at the Betabreakfast at Betahaus Hamburg, but was not recorded. But because there are so many nice details in it, I got the presentation out again and simply recorded it again.

The presentation ends somewhere in the middle of the second construction phase – so it doesn’t at all reflect the current state as you can see it on Insta.

The presentation is in German and that’s why I presented it again in German. Sorry for that 😉