Here we try to clarify everything related to CO-Working, CO-Living, booking conditions, surroundings and much more. If you still have a question, feel free to contact us directly. Either uncomplicated and fast via WhatsApp or by email.


What is CO-Living?

CO-living is a modern housing arrangement in which individuals or small groups of people, often strangers (becoming friends), share a living space that is designed for communal living. It is a response to the changing housing needs and lifestyles of urban dwellers. Our CO-living space is characterized by the following features:

  1. Shared Spaces: Our CO-living CASTILLITO arrangements involve sharing common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and as well CO-working Spaces. These spaces are designed to foster social interaction and a sense of community among residents.
  2. Bedrooms: At the CASTILLITO we just have 2 rooms with a shared bathroom, all others are en suite. And all bathrooms are modern and have a rain shower. And three of our rooms we can change from one double bed to two single beds.
  3. Inclusive Services: Our CO-liver benefit of inclusive services like including utilities, housekeeping, and even social events. This simplifies the living experience for residents and creates a sense of community.
  4. Flexible Leases: CO-living typically offers flexible lease terms, so at the CASTILLITO. Allowing residents to stay for shorter periods, such as a few weeks up to a few months, depending on their needs and preferences. PS. if you want to stay longer then 2 months, let us know for a better price.
  5. Emphasis on Community: Our community “the tribe” is the be all and end all. As we are also a coworking space and our focus is on digital nomads and remote workers, we try to offer added value and good exchange through digital groups and (networking) events – live and digital.

At CASTILLITO we only have private rooms, bookable in single or double occupancy. We don’t have dorms, in order to emphasize privacy. For this purpose, each room has its own writing table.

What is CO-working?

CO-working is a modern work arrangement in which individuals or members from different companies, professions, or freelancers share a common workspace, at the CASTILLITO we have in- and outdoor workspaces. It is designed to provide a collaborative and flexible work environment that differs from traditional office settings. Here are some key characteristics of CO-working:

  1. Shared Workspaces: CO-working spaces provide shared work environments for individuals from various professions and backgrounds.
  2. Membership-Based: We offer daily passes or monthly arrangements. Click here for more infos
  3. Diverse Community: CO-working spaces attract a diverse group of professionals, fostering networking and collaboration.
  4. Flexibility: CO-working offers flexible workspace options and amenities to suit different needs and schedules.
  5. Cost-Efficient: It can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional office leasing, especially for freelancers and small businesses.

What about children?

As we are also a CO-working space, it is not a suitable place for children. We are not able to meet their needs. If you would like to travel with children and work here, please contact us directly by mail, so we can show you possibilities.

Can I bring my pet?

As Bosse – our Feelgood manager and dog – lives in CASTILLITO, further animals are generally not allowed to avoid issues with guests and him. Also here: please contact us directly, so that we can find a solution together.

How to get to the Villa?

Please have a look at our HOW TO GET TO US page.
If you need assistance with travel, please contact us directly.

Not an AirBnB nor a Hotel ...

When booking, please remember that although there is a lot of privacy here, and it is important, we are still a community and a shared flat.
For us that means:
– If you are leaving, please let us know in the shared WhatsApp group.
– If you’re going shopping, feel free to ask if anyone needs anything or would like to come along.
– Show interest in your CO-Livers.
– If you do sports, ask if someone would like to join you.
– Take the house rules into account to enable uncomplicated interaction.

We write community in capital letters. If you prefer to be alone all the time and are only looking for a CO-working space, we might not be the right place for you.

What are the Check-In & Check-Out times?

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay, please note our check-in and check-out times:

  • Check-In: 14:00 (2:00 PM)
  • Check-Out: 11:00 AM

If you plan to arrive earlier or depart later, please let us know in advance, and we will do our best to make it possible. As well, let us know your arriving time, so we can let you in.

What is included?

Short and crisp:
– Washing machine (we ask all residents as soon as laundry is due if they would like to do it, an own private wash, we will charge)
– Oil and salt
– Housekeeping once a week
– a lot of privacy and hidden spaces
– Coffee Flatrate: We have a fully automatic coffee machine and a super milk frother.
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Outdoor kitchen and bar (we offer bar-service and a nice bar menu)
– Big BBQ
– 4x8m pool
– WLAN optic fiber
– Air Con and Heating
– Gym Stuff (f.e. Yoga mats from Lululemon, Water Rower)
– and … the awesome view

Do you host Companies/Retreats/Groups?

First at all: we are a CO-living and CO-working space. So we keep the space mainly for freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, but also friends or couples who start this journey together. Nevertheless, we are also happy about some offsites and retreats in our halls. For this please contact us directly!

Is there a Kitchen?

Of course, we have two 😉 and feel free to cook for us.

Inside we have a full equipped kitchen and outside a BBQ.

And we have a Bar with service to several times, but we are always offering beer, wine and other refreshing cold drinks. Just ask us!

Where can i work on site?

We have plenty in- and outdoor spaces:

Since it is warm and dry here most of the year, it is great to work outside at one of the tables, in the hammock or in the lounge areas. The whole area is covered with WIFI through a mesh network.
Indoors we have a 4 meter table overlooking the sea and an extra focus room with comfortable armchairs. No one is allowed to talk to you while you are sitting here.

Here you can read more about our CO-Working Spaces 

You would like to stay longer than 2 months? Then we will be happy to make you an individual offer. For companies, teams or retreats, please contact us directly.